Tower Placing Boom Systems

Tower pumping / placing booms maximize concrete placement and site efficiencies on projects where space is limited, structures are complex and schedules are fast paced.

Viper Concrete benchmarks and leads the Alberta pumping industry.

We are the first concrete pumping company to offer towers and placing booms to meet the escalating demand for concrete construction efficiencies in high rise construction. To date we have completed six towers; one at 52 stories, one at 48 stories, one at 44 stories, one at 26 stories, one at 14 stories, and one at 11 stories. We are currently working on the tallest tower in Western Canada, Brookfield Place which is 60 stories and will reach over 800 feet (247m) in height. When it comes to placing systems and towers, Viper Concrete is the choice of quality contractors.
Whether its placing tower systems or mobile pump services Viper Concrete uses the most advanced, reliable and most specialized fleet of equipment to service the high-rise industry. Viper Concrete utilizes the Putzmeister line of placing equipment ensuring we have the best equipment available for the project. Our commitment and dedication to the pumping industry is exemplified in all we do.

Tower & Placing Boom Systems.

Typically used where structures are complex, exceptionally high, restricted space for mobile pumps, high volumes of concrete, fast tracked sites where crane use is limited to formwork and rebar. These systems are considered extreme pumping for “extreme concrete applications” such as but not limited to high-rise construction, dams, and treatment facilities. Placing systems maximize concrete placement and site efficiency on projects where space is a limited with heavy congestion and limited pit space.

Viper Concrete’s experience in design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of these systems allows the projects cranes to be used to fly forms and rebar while concrete placement occurs allowing the demanding project schedules to be met. A properly designed and maintained system provides a systematic method of concrete distribution which is critical to the success of any project.

Viper Concrete bases its high-rise placing boom operations from its headquarters office in Calgary.

From this office, it is where we start designing placement systems custom to each of our cleint’s specific project applications. Although this is where we start at, Viper Concrete will provide placing system services wherever our clients require us to perform our superior services.

Our experienced team understands the demands of high rise construction, and is dedicated to the overall performance of our clients and their projects. Whether it’s a standard single run system to a diverted mutli-point placement system or a removable pump to stationary slave pump our expertise will provide options to make your next project a success.

Our experience on high-rise construction on some of the most challenging projects in western Canada provides the industry with confidence to build more efficiently. Our staff is dedicated in all that we do, allowing any pumping project to be completed in a safe and professional manner. We pride ourselves on being the best company to pump concrete in the Canadian Prairies because of our diligent efforts in training programs, health and safety programs, and research and development.

Tower Placing Boom Projects

Calgary Board of Education Building

Eighth Avenue Place East

Eighth Avenue Place West

Centennial Tower East

Centennial Tower West

Centre 10 tower

Brookfield Place

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